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JPS Guitars evolved through Dave Smith's lifetime involvement with music, and fascination with sound experimentation. Each instrument is unique, and has its own individual voice and tonal variations, making use of piezo pickup systems blended with magnetic pickups. This format gives the player a massive array of sounds, ranging from standard electric guitar tones, through to rich, full acoustic sounds. We can also offer the option of separating the outputs to enable blending the pickups externally, which can be very useful for recording/mixing.

All instruments are hand crafted, and constructed as neck through body design, but carved from a single piece of Mahogany, giving maximum natural sustain.


Baritone Guitar - Longer scale lengths so the strings can be tuned lower while remaining at normal tension. On a standard guitar, the scale length (the distance from the nut or string guide to the saddle on the bridge) is typically 24.9" to 25.7", whereas the scale lengths of various JPS baritone designs range from 27" to 30.5", depending on preference. Currently, the Baritone lower, beefy sound, is very popular with Heavy Metal players.

Multi-Scale Fanned Fret Guitars – We can offer this option. Characterized by a Multi-Scale fingerboard with "off set" Frets. This is in contrast to the standard perpendicular arrangement of other guitars. Benefits of this design, include comfort, better ergonomics, better intonation, and better control of the string tension across the fretboard.

12 String Guitar – A richer, more ringing tone than a standard six-string guitar. The strings are arranged such, that the first string of each pair to be struck on a downward strum is the higher octave string. If preferred, however, this can be reversed. The gap between the strings within each dual-string course is narrow, and the strings of each course are fretted and plucked as a single unit. The neck is slightly wider, to accommodate the extra strings.

9 String Guitar – This option gives the benefit of the high end of the guitar having the same characteristics as the 12 String model, with the 3 Bass end strings remaining as standard 6 String format.

Bouzouki – Inspired by The Greek instrument. The JPS Bouzouki has 8 strings, which are arranged in 4 pairs, typically tuned GG GD AA DD . In the two higher-pitched courses, the two strings of the pair are tuned to the same note, and in the two lower-pitched courses, the pair consists of a wound string and a plain string tuned an octave apart. These 'octave strings' add to the fullness of the sound and can be used in chords or playing bass drones under a melody

Bass Guitars – Both Long and Short Scale Built to order, with options for number of Strings, fretted or fretless. Fitted with a piezo bridge and on-board preamp/EQ/

About JPS Guitars
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